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Account Fees

Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2021*

Account Access and Market Data Fee $10 per month
DK Items $20.00 per item
DK Items on DVP Trades $25 per item plus interest (FFR+5%)
Domestic Voluntary Corp Actions/ Reorganization $50 per cusip per account
DRS Transaction $75 per security
DTC Free Deliveries $2 per security
DWAC $75 per event
DWAC/DRS Reject $125 per security
Electronic delivery of confirms/statement/tax doc no charge
Electronic to physical certificate conversion $900 per security
Escheatment Processing $75.00 per account
Foreign Security Free Deliveries/Receives $50 per movement
In-Bound ACATSs no charge
Out-bound ACATs $75 per ACAT
In-coming Wire Fees no charge
International Voluntary Corp Action/Reorganization $100 per cusip per account
Involuntary Reorgs No charge
Lost Certificate Replacement 3% of certificate value ($250.00 minimum)
Low Priced Securities $0.0002/shr with 5% notional trade value max.
Margin Extensions $25 per event
Margin Sell out Fee $25 per ticket
Margin Rates** < $25,000 - FFR+700 bps
$25,001 - $100,000 - FFR+600 bps
$100,001 - $250,000 FFR+500 bps
$250,001 - $1 million FFR+400 bps
$1 million - $5 million FFR+300 bps
$5 million and above FFR+200 bps
Non-transferable stock held $10 per month per stock
NSCC Illiquidity Fee $250 per trade plus 15% interest/annum on NSCC charge
Option Exercise/Assignment $5 per symbol per account
Out-going Wire Fees - Domestic $20 per wire
Out-going Wire Fees – International $30 per wire
Overnight mail as incurred pass thru
Paper check Draft (USD) $5 per check
Stop payments on Issued Checks $30 per check
Check Copies $15 each
Returned Checks/ACH Wires Recalls including Amendments $30 per transaction
ACH Notice of Correction $5 per notice
Confirmations $2 per confirm
Statements $5 per statement
Paper Prospectus Mailing $2.50 per mailing
TOD Account Transfer Fee $200 per transfer
Physical security deposits not permitted / $500 if exception made
Physical Trade Settlement – not always known upfront $300 per security
Postage for Paper confirms $2 per daily confirm
Postage for Paper statements, tax docs $5 per item
Reg 144 Sales fees will vary. Need to confirm in advance
Reorg Physical Processing Fee $125 plus transfer agent fees
Reorg Wire (UDS) $20 per item
Reorg Wire (International) $30 per item
Restricted Transfers $465 per security
Retirement Accounts $30 annual maintenance - $60 termination
Returned Mail $2 per item
Safe Keeping – certificates $5 per month per account per cusip
Short Buy-in Fee $25 per ticket
Standard Legal Transfers $150 per security
Stock Borrow Fee Fee set by market - pass thru as incurred
Trade Corrections $10 per item