Submitting Trade Signals

Submitting Trade Signals

How to Submit Trade Signals

To “run a strategy”, you’ll need to submit buy and sell signals. That means: when it’s time to buy something, you need to tell us, “Buy now.” When it’s time to sell, you’ll need to tell us, “Sell now.” Which raises the question: How do you actually tell us when it is time to buy or sell? What do you type… and where?

The simplest, most direct way to enter trades is to use our QuickTrade Web-based Trade Entry screen. It looks a lot like a broker's trade screen. You enter what you want to Buy or Sell, and how much, etc.


Web EntryQuickTrade

 Use our web site to type your buys and sells, and “publish” them for your subscribers. Like using an online brokerage account (But no brokerage account required.) 



Broker Account


If you have an AutoShares Online Brokerage Account, you can just trade at your broker and we will “read” your trades and automatically publish them for your subscribers.



Always Ready to Publish. Whenever You Are.

It's easy it is to submit a signal

Then, the trade happens in your Model Account, and then gets transmitted to whomever has subscribed to your system. In addition, if people are AutoTrading your system, the buys and sells get automatically relayed to their broker accounts.

You don't need any sort of broker account to be a system manager. You can just enter your trades into the QuickTrade screen.

On the other hand...

Some system developers want to use their own live broker accounts to transmit their orders into the Model Account. For those people, we offer support of certain commercial software packages. These software packages take the activity of their real broker accounts, and relay it to the Model Account (where it further gets relayed to anyone who is autotrading).


How to Send Signals via Email

If you own a trading system and want to enter your signals into the autotrade system by sending us an email, you need to follow a very specific format. This document will explain the format.

First, however, we need to stress that email signal entry is not appropriate for everyone.

  • Email delivery can be slow, and processing times can not be guaranteed. Sometimes emails bounce around the Internet for several minutes before they reach their destinations. While this is growing increasingly rare, it could happen. So: if you are entering signals which need to be posted and executed right away, it is probably better to log in to the Web site, and use the order entry screen. At a minimum, if you email an absolutely vital signal, you may want to check that it has been processed
  • Not all features are available through email. Email allows only the most basic kind of signal entry.

Assuming the limitations above are acceptable to you,  you can use email to enter your trades.

Order format

Finally, you need to include one line that contains your order. Here are some example order lines:

BTO 12 AAPL @ 12.02 LIMIT GTC (stock)

STC 12 AAPL @ MARKET DAY (stock)

SSHORT 12 AAPL @ MARKET GTC (stock short)

BTC 12 AAPL @ MARKET GTC (stock short)

BTO 1 @ESH0 @ STOP 1102.50 GTC

BUY 13 EURUSD market

BTO 1 NDYUS LMT .50 GTC (option)

Only one "trade line" should be in any email (that is, only one trade signal per email). The list above is meant to show you a variety of styles of typing the information; it is not meant to suggest that you can have more than one trade per email.

Other notes: capitalization doesn't matter. In many cases the instrument (e.g. stock, option, future) is optional... but it is a good idea to include it in case C2 can't figure out what you mean. In particular, it's often difficult to differentiate between "stock" and "option" symbols.

The @ sign isn't necessary when specifying limits, stops, or market orders (but of course is needed when the symbol, such as @ESH0, requires it).

Finally, you can optionally include profit targets and stop losses in your email by including each in its own line:


You can include just one of these lines, or both, or neither.



For the purposes of example, here is what a complete email might look like:

To: email address to be provided

Subject: Signal




BTO 100 IBM LIMIT 12.34 GTC (stock)




That's it. If the order is processable, it will post into your system.

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