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Online Investing Dashboard Follow Account Balances, Orders, and Position Summary for One or More AutoShares Accounts.

Watchlists Create Watchlists for Stock and ETFs

Charts and Studies Technical Analysis and Trade from Charts.

Advanced Order Types Stops, Trailing Stops, OTO, OCO orders.

Tools for Active Traders Configure Layouts, Functionality, News, Studies, Widgets, Screen Web, Mobile, IOS, Android


$4.95 Per Trade

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Automated Trade Execution Stocks, Options, ETF's and Mutual Funds Complex Options Orders Including Option Rolls, Credit Spreads,Debit Spreads,Iron Condors, and more.

Automatic Investing Schedule and Automate Funding Investments for Accounts

Schedule Automatic Trade Execution of Trades on a Particular Day/Time

Trade Notifications Trade Notifications Everywhere You Are

Available Everywhere Mobile, Web, IOS, iWatch, Android.


Commission Free
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Online Investing Dashboard Available for Directional Options and Spreads

Options Chains and Orders View Options Chains Integrated Trade Ticket

Directional Options Trading Trade Calls and Puts

Options Spread Trading Up To 4 Legs, Complex Option Strategies Condors, Butterfly, Calendar Spreads, Collars, and more.

Advanced Order Types Stops, Trailing Stops, OTO, OCO Orders for Options.

Available Everywhere Mobile, Web, IOS, iWatch, Android.

Option Rates (Based on Monthly Volume) Per Contract Fees

** Pricing subject to change at any time.

# Monthly Volume Per Contract Fee Minimum Per Order
1 0- 500 Monthly Contracts $.75 cents per contract -
2 501 -4999 Monthly Contracts $.50 cents per contract -
3 5000-10000 Monthly Contracts $.35 cents per contract -
4 10,001+ Monthly Contracts $.25 cents per contract -

Rates Are Subject To The Following Guidelines and Conditions:

** Click Here for Exchange Fees, Routing Fees, and Regulatory Fees.
** Rates shown are for each independent non-pro brokerage account established by a customer.
** Pricing and  rates for options trades do not automatically adjust. Any updates to the standard options rate must be approved.Customers with options trading volume greater than 500 contracts per month may establish a volume options trader commission rate. Options contracts are billable at a starting rate of $.75/contract. Updates for volume adjusted commission rates will start following the request approval date. No rebates are issued for past trade activity. Rates may be increased and billable to a customer account if the volume based trade threshholds listed above are not met in any given month.
** Rates, Regulatory, Routing, Data, Software, Services, and Clearing Fees are Debited to your Account.
** Multiple-Leg Options Strategies such as spreads are charged per each leg of the transaction executed.
** Call-in trades for clients add an additional $39.95 per ticket. This fee applies to all trading services.
** A minimum balance of $2,000 must be maintained in order to trade options.
** Option exercise or assignment will be charged $10 each
** Clients who do not elect to receive their confirmations and statements electronically will be charged $2 per confirmation and $5 per statement for each confirmation or statement sent by US postal mail delivery.

Special Offers

Any special offers or pricing deals we offer that are not accepted by the client by opening and funding an account within 30 days are automatically considered voided. After 30 days the offer would go back to the default deals listed above. Rates as shown may not be valid with any other special offer or with other pre-negotiated rates.